PT. Supra Surya Indonesia


As a well-reputable contracting company, PT. Supra Surya Indonesia's main priority is excellent quality of WORK, EFFICIENCY, and ECONOMICAL value of the work. That makes PT. Supra Surya Indonesia is a great choice for a partner in construction work.




PT. Supra Surya Indonesia is one of General Contractor that involved in the Construction in Indonesia. The Company has established since 9 July 1980 in Surabaya and has experience in design, fabrication (tanks, steel structure, machinery, and electrical components), construction and equipment installation. The Company is lead by Professional President Director who has experience in construction and supported by board of Directors and Managers who are expert in design and engineering, fabrication, supply chain, project management, and business development.

In the company organization, safety and quality department has big role to ensure that all the design, fabrication, construction, and equipment installation are safe and meet the quality standard.




The scope of work PT. Supra Surya Indonesia are steel structure, civil works, and mechanical engineering. With experience of over 30 years, we have completed a wide range of projects from start to finish in accordance with the agreements.

PT. Supra Surya Indonesia has its own special workshop for the manufacture of steel per client's request.




Workshop PT. Supra Surya Indonesia is located in Sidoarjo East Ring Road and our head office in the shop office area Ruko Mangga Dua Surabaya.

In any production process that we do, we have been supported by human resources experts in the field as well as advanced equipment.